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Hello Keith and the Girl listeners!  We have decided to start using the url keithandthegirl.tumblr.com.  Follow the new tumblr for news, show quotes, videos, and everything Keith and The Girl!


Danny discovers that there’s a Katharine out there for all of us.

You can find this episode with guest Katharine Heller here: http://www.keithandthegirl.com/Show-Detail/2634/Tell-the-Bartender.aspx

JFOD thinks he’s God?

Listen to the episode here: http://www.keithandthegirl.com/Show-Detail/2632/Makin-Magic.aspx

Guests Paul Hooper and Taylor Ketchum prove that opposites do attract.

Listen to the show here: http://www.keithandthegirl.com/Show-Detail/2640/The-Odd-Couple.aspx

We’re not the only ones who have been held captive by Myka Fox…

Listen to the show here: http://www.keithandthegirl.com/Show-Detail/2643/Head-Hunter.aspx


Myq Kaplan makes use of all six seconds of his Vine.

Listen here: http://www.keithandthegirl.com/Show-Detail/2645/Probably.aspx

Costaki Economopoulos pronounces Greek names that no one else can. 

Office Equipment Salesman Tim Dillon trying to sell to KATG


Vine Know! Vineally!


'Bottom's Up! With Lauren, Emmy, and Absies!